Monday, December 3, 2007

Student Too Cute For Words

I have a student who tries very hard, but often gets lost in his work easily. He's also very shy and won't ever ask for help, so I usually try to make sure I'm anticipating some of his needs.

Today's activity kept me pretty busy going from group to group, and I noticed throughout that he kept trying to catch my eye. As I passed by each time, I tried to glance down at his work to see where he was stuck, but when I did he would flip to another page in his binder (already completed) and tap his pencil on it. Finally, on my third swing by, I slowed down enough to look at the page he was flipping to.

Across the top he'd written I NEED HELP, and he was tapping his pencil on it so I would notice. Can I get an "awwwwww" from the audience? It was too cute.

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