Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Student Drinks Chocolate Cheese

I usually try to spend my second period conference in a social skills class with some of our Autistic/Asperger students. The privilege of being welcomed into this (mostly private) class by them helps me when they are in my classroom, and helps me gain new perspectives in general.

Today, during "table time" in which we gather around the table and discuss concerns or objectives, one of the kids kept pulling random items out of his backpack. Finally, he pulled out a carton of chocolate milk and began drinking it. Someone asked him where all this stuff was coming from. He looked at the milk and said, completely deadpan, "I've had this in my backpack for two weeks."

We all gave the appropriate "ewww!" responses, which made him grin.

One student commented, "By now, it's pretty much just chocolate cheese."

Another student said, "What's the expiration date on it?"

And a third student said, without missing a beat, "1927."

At that point, we pretty much lost it.

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ms-teacher said...

ugh. The visual of that "chocolate milk" is definitely not pleasant!