Monday, September 17, 2007

Student Gets Irony

Today was the last day before progress reports. We did a quick review of four types of irony, read Chief Canasatego's speech, and discussed the types of irony used. Then they had composition time to complete their rudimentary literary analysis of Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration. (Identify theme and cite textual support, identify tone and cite textual support, in two well-composed paragraphs.) Meanwhile, I took in late homework, helped kids with their grade graphs, and reviewed grades in the gradebook with them.

There was a homework assignment which was slightly open to interpretation, and some students took the opportunity to debate their grade with me. The problems were worth 2 points each. Every time someone did, one fairly popular student would tease, "Grade grubber! Why do you bother her for two points? Don't you think teachers have better things to do?"

So I finally turned to him (I have great rapport with him) and said, "You need to mind your own business and your own grades!"

The class laughed and applauded, and then, from the back, I heard...

"Oooooh. Situational irony."

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