Monday, September 17, 2007

I Win!

I do a little simple CSS website design on the side occasionally, for myself and some author folks I know from another life. (Gas money, free signed and personalized books, etc.)

But I am pretty proud of my own teacher website, which is my own property (not the school's, not hosted at TeacherWeb or etc.), and which I reconfigure every year to be both useful, attractive, and user-friendly to my students and their parents. This year I even incorporated a privately-hosted message board for the students to communicate with one another and me (spam and ad free!). I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I got an email from a parent. The subject line said: You Win For Best Website. The parent went on to compliment my website, and it was a wonderful bit of flattery in three simple sentences.

Sometimes, it's the little things.


Jose said...

that's really cool. congrats, even if it is a little note like that ...

Redkudu said...

Those little notes really mean something in the long run.